Underground Car Storage Lift Customized 2 Level Easy Parking Lift

Short Description:

Underground car storage lift is a mechanical parking device for storing or removing cars by means of a lifting or pitching mechanism.The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the degree of automation is relatively low, generally no more than 3 layers, can be built on the ground or semi underground.

Product Detail

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Car Type

Car Size

Max Length(mm)


Max Width(mm)






Lifting Speed


Driving Way


Operating Way

Button,IC card

Lifting Motor



380V  50Hz

Pre sale Work

Firstly, carry out professional design according to the equipment site drawings and specific requirements provided by the customer, provide quotation after confirming the scheme drawings, and sign the sales contract when both parties are satisfied with the quotation confirmation.

Packing and Loading

Four step packing to make sure safe transport of 4 post car stacker.
1)Steel shelf to fix steel frame;
2)All structures fastened on the shelf;
3)All electric wires and motor are put into box seperately;
4)All shelves and boxes fastened in the shipping container.

cfav (3)


cfav (4)

Charging System of Parking

Facing the exponential growth trend of new energy vehicles in the future, we can also provide supporting charging system for the equipment to facilitate the user's demand.



1. Can you do the design for us?
Yes,we have a professional design team, which can design according to the actual situation of the site and the requirements of customers.

2. Where is your loading port?
We are located in Nantong city,Jiangsu province and we deliver the containers from Shanghai port.

3.What is the height, depth, width and passage distance of the parking system?
The height, depth, width and passage distance shall be determined according to the site size. Generally, the net height of the pipe network under the beam required by the two-layer equipment is 3600mm. For the convenience of users' parking, the lane size shall be guaranteed to be 6m.

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