2 level car parking system mechanical parking

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Motor&Chain/ Motor&Steel Rope

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Button,IC card

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AC 50Hz 3-phase 380V


1) Make full use of space: The 2 level car parking system mechanical parking can park multiple vehicles in a limited space through vertical lifting and horizontal movement. It can stack vehicles vertically on two levels and also position them in suitable parking spaces through horizontal movement, maximizing the utilization of the parking area.

2) Improving parking efficiency: As the lifting and sliding parking equipment can park multiple vehicles simultaneously, it can significantly improve parking efficiency. Car owners can park their vehicles directly on the equipment without the need to find suitable parking spaces or make repeated adjustments, saving parking time.

3) Convenient and fast vehicle retrieval process: The 2-story puzzle parking equipment can achieve a fast vehicle retrieval and retrieval process through an intelligent control system. The owner only needs to select the desired vehicle on the control panel, and the system will automatically deliver the target vehicle to the ground, making it convenient and fast.

4) Improving parking safety: The parking equipment is equipped with various safety protection devices, such as collision prevention devices, safety locks, etc., which can effectively prevent accidents or damage to the vehicle during the parking process. In addition, the device can also monitor entrances and exits to ensure the safety of the parking area.

5) Environmental protection and energy conservation: The use of 2-story mechanical parking equipment can effectively reduce the occupied area of the parking area, avoid large-scale paving and construction, and reduce the consumption of land resources. At the same time, it can also reduce vehicle congestion and exhaust emissions in parking areas, reducing environmental pollution.

How it works

The equipment is designed with multi-levels and multi-rows and each level is designed with a space as an exchanging space. All spaces can be lifted automatically except the spaces in the first level and all the spaces can slide automatically except the spaces in the top level. When a car needs to park or release, all spaces under this car space will slide to the empty space and forms a lifting channel under this space. In this case, the space will go up and down freely. When it reaches the ground, the car will go out and in easily.

Company Introduction

Jinguan has more than 200 employees, nearly 20000 square meters of workshops and large-scale series of machining equipment, with a modern development system and a complete set of testing instruments.With more than 15 years history, the projects of our company have been widely spread in 66 cities in China and more than 10 countries such as USA, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia and India. We have delivered 3000 car parking spaces for car parking projects, our products have been well received by customers.

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Why choose us to buy Puzzle Parking

1) Delivery in time

ü  Over 17 years manufacturing experience in Puzzle Parking, plus automatic equipment and mature production management, we can control each step of manufacturing exactly and accurately. Once your order placed to us, it will be input at the first time into our manufacturing system to join in production schedule intellectualized, the whole production will be ongoing strictly according to system arrangement based on the order date of each customer,so as to deliver it for you in time.

ü  We also have advantage in location, near to Shanghai, the largest port of China, plus our accumulated fully shipping resources, wherever your company locates,it is very convenient for us to ship goods to you, by ways regardless of sea, air, land or even rail transportation, so as to guarantee delivery of your goods in time.

2) Easy payment way

ü  We accept T/T, Western Union,Paypal and other payment ways upon your convenience.However so far, the most payment way customers used with us will be the T/T,which is quicker and safer.

Puzzle Parking

3) Full quality control

● For your each order, from the materials to whole production and delivering process,we will take strictly quality controlling.

● Firstly, for all materials we purchase for production must be from the professional and certified suppliers,so as to guarantee its safety during your using.

● Secondly, before goods leaving factory,our QC team would join the rigorous inspection to ensure the finish goods quality for you.

● Thirdly, for shipment, we will book vessels, finish goods loading into container or truck,ship goods to the seaport for you, all by ourselves for the whole process, so as to make sure its safety during transportation.

● Lastly, we’ll offer clear loading images and full shipping documents to you,to let you know clearly every step about your goods.

4) Professional customization ability

Over the past 17 years exporting process, we accumulate extensive experience cooperated with overseas sourcing and purchasing, including wholesaler, distributors.The projects of us have been widely spread in 66 cities in China and more than 10 countries such as USA, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia and India. We have delivered 3000 car parking spaces for car parking projects, our products have been well received by customers.

5) After sales service

We provide the customer with detailed equipment installation drawings and technical instructions. If the customer needs, we can do remote debugging or send the engineer to the site to assist in the installation work.

Factors Affecting Prices

● Exchange rates

● Raw materials prices

● The global logistic system

● Your order quantity:samples or bulk order

● Packing way:individual packing way or multi-piece packing method

● Individual needs, like different OEM requirements in size,structure,packing,etc.

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