Custom Car Stacking Systems Parking Equipment

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Custom Car Stacking Systems Parking Equipment features simple action and convenient operation as well as stable operation without the need of vacant site,driven with chain.The equipment completely utilizes the underground space without affecting the vision and obstacle the lighting and ventilating effect of the surrounding buildings.It can be combined with several modules,and is applicable for the administrations,enterprises,residential communities and villa.

It is a mechanical parking device for storing or removing cars by means of a lifting or pitching mechanism.The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the degree of automation is relatively low, generally no more than 3 layers, can be built on the ground or semi underground.

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Car Type

Car Size

Max Length(mm)


Max Width(mm)






Lifting Speed


Driving Way


Operating Way

Button,IC card

Lifting Motor



380V  50Hz

Company Introduction

Jinguan has more than 200 employees, nearly 20000 square meters of workshops and large-scale series of machining equipment, with a modern development system and a complete set of testing instruments.With more than 15 years history, the projects of our company have been widely spread in 66 cities in China and more than 10 countries such as USA, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia and India. We have delivered 3000 car parking spaces for Wholesale Stacker Car Parking projects, our products have been well received by customers.

Vehicle parking management system

We have double span width and multiple cranes, which is convenient for cutting, shaping, welding, machining and hoisting of steel frame materials.The 6m wide large plate shears and benders are special equipment for plate machining. They can process various types and models of three-dimensional garage parts by themselves, which can effectively guarantee the large-scale production of products, improve the quality and shorten the processing cycle of customers. It also has a complete set of instruments, tooling and measuring instruments, which can meet the needs of product technology development, performance test, quality inspection and standardized production.

Wholesale Stacked Parking


Custom Underground Car Garage


Professional technical support

Quality products

Timely supply

Best service


1. Can you do the design for us?

Yes,we have a professional design team, which can design according to the actual situation of the site and the requirements of customers .

2. Packaging & Shipping: 

The big parts are packed on the steel or wood pallet and small parts are packed in wood box for sea shipment.

3. What's your payment term?

Generally,we accept 30% downpayment and balance paid by TT before loading.It is negotiable.

4. Does your product have warranty service? How long is the warranty period?

Yes,generally our warranty is 12 months from the date of commissioning at the project site against factory defects, no more than 18 months after shipment.

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