Puzzle Parking Equipment With Small Footprint And Low Cost

As a new parking method, the Puzzle Parking Equipment has many advantages such as reduced floor space, low construction cost, high safety performance, and difficulty in parking. It has received the favor of many developers and investors. Intelligent Puzzle Parking Equipment choose to park. Equipment, three-dimensional garage is a form of parking lot that has to be adopted due to limited land area and excessive parking demand. The establishment of a three-dimensional intelligent garage is the best solution. The three-dimensional garage is an inevitable appearance of social development and is also determined by national conditions. Yes, there will only be more and more private cars, and three-dimensional parking equipment will be the main force of parking in the future. And it will become more mechanized and intelligent, and there may be a situation where demand exceeds supply. Traditional parking methods alone cannot meet the demand for parking.
Elevated and lateral parking equipment has a small floor area, high utilization rate and low cost

Puzzle Parking Equipment

Lifting, translating, and parking equipment are mostly based on a steel structure frame, and a motor-driven chain is used to drive the car board to perform lifting and translating movements to achieve vehicle access. Its working principle is that each parking space of the equipment There are car boards on the car. The car board needed to access the vehicle can reach the ground floor by lifting and lateral movement. When the user enters the garage to access the vehicle, the equipment on the ground floor can be stopped only by lateral movement without lifting. Take the car; when the user needs to park the garage above the ground floor, the main equipment can complete the access to the car only by lifting and not moving.
1. There are many types of equipment changes. Generally, the equipment is very adaptable to the site. It can be freely combined and arranged according to the actual terrain and space, and the scale of the equipment can be large or small.
2. The safety factor of the equipment is also very large. The system is equipped with multiple protection devices such as good anti-fall devices, emergency stop buttons, over-limit operation prevention devices, front photoelectric switches and ultra-high alarms, which can ensure the safety of garages and vehicles;
3. The manufacturing process and technical level of the Puzzle Parking Equipment have reached the international advanced level. The overall design of the equipment can be integrated with the surrounding buildings, which is very beautiful and generous.


Post time: Oct-20-2023