What Should You Look at When Choosing the Price Of Lifting and Sliding Parking Equipment

Lifting and Sliding Parking Equipment

The price of lifting and sliding parking equipment is not just a fully automated parking equipment. When the car is driven on a rotating platform, it can leave, and the rest is handed over to the garage automatic system. It is a large-scale storage system, an intelligent system that optimizes calculations through paths, and it can store the car to a reasonable location until the owner returns. After swiping the parking card, the system will automatically calculate the parking fee to be paid. After paying the fee, the car is moved to the entrance by the robot, the front of the car is adjusted, and the car can be driven away. Therefore, the price of lifting and sliding parking equipment is very popular, but when choosing the price of lifting and sliding parking equipment, you need to look at the following aspects.

First, look at the length of time to access the car

In theory, most garage price systems can take out users' vehicles as quickly as 1 minute, provided that no one is in line in front of them. However, if there are many people waiting in line, then the time will be extended, so a reasonable solution needs to address the time and efficiency of accessing all vehicles. For example, having multiple entrances and exits can reduce the waiting time. Of course, if customers can add more costs, they can get shorter car access time, so the car access time is not an issue, mainly depending on the customer's investment and solution optimization.

Look at security

The most favorable stereo garage prices generally have relatively complete security systems. Of course, you should understand the relevant aspects more carefully when choosing. Generally, as long as a reliable stereo garage price manufacturer is found, there is a certain guarantee in this regard, which can effectively protect the safety of the vehicle and can be used with confidence.

Third, look at the cost of use and life

The use cost of the price of the lifting and sliding parking equipment includes maintenance costs, management costs, electricity costs, etc., and the monthly cost allocated to each parking space is very low. The service life of low-quality stereo garages can reach decades, and the actual service life depends on the maintenance of the equipment. Some professionals once calculated that if the transmission components are normally worn, other components are well maintained or replaced in time, and the service life is longer under ideal conditions. Therefore, maintenance is a very important factor in the use of the three-dimensional garage. If the user places heavy emphasis on maintenance, it will not achieve the expected results.

The above are the aspects that users should look at in the course of choosing the price of lifting and sliding parking equipment. Therefore, in addition to knowing the price, you should also look at the actual project case operation effect. The most important thing is to choose a stereo garage with guaranteed after-sales service and good quality and low price, to provide long-term technical support and professional services for the stereo garage. In addition, we should consider whether we can solve the problem of power outages. This requires that the full lifting and sliding parking equipment system has its own power generation system or backup power supply, so as to ensure foolproofness.

Post time: May-17-2023