What Is Rotary Parking System?

Automatic Rotary Car Parking System Customized Smart Parking System

Rotary Parking System is very popular.It is designed to park up to a maximum 16 cars easily and safety on the surface of 2 car space area. Rotary Parking System circulates the pallets vertically in which the cars are taken up and down by big chain. The system is provided with auto guidance system and multiple safety sensors.


small floor area,intelligent access,slow access car speed,large noise and vibration,high energy consumption,flexible setting but poor mobility,general capacity of 6-12 parking spaces per group.

Applicable scenario:

applicable to the government offices and residential areas.At present,it is seldom used,especially the large vertical circulation type.

What are the benefits of Smart Parking System?

● Optimized parking.
● Reduced traffic.
● Reduced pollution.
● Enhanced User Experience.
● Integrated Payments and POS.
● Increased Safety.
● Real-Time Data and Trend Insight.
● Decreased Management Costs.

What happens during an electrical failure for puzzle car parking system?

The car parking system can be equipped with a stand-by generator when there is a power failure. An automatic transfer switch ensures a seamless transition to stand-by power within a few seconds.

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Post time: Nov-03-2023