What Are The Reasons For The Popularity Of Intelligent Parking Equipment

1.Can save the occupied area and construction cost for the builder

Due to the three-dimensional mechanical design of the Intelligent Parking Equipment, the equipment not only can access a larger number of cars, but also the unique design can make the equipment occupy a smaller area. The whole construction does not require earth brick materials, so it can also reduce the investment of the entire construction cost. And because the equipment adopts advanced technology design, some unscientific designs such as the "narrow door" in the original mechanical design are canceled, and now the vehicle can be parked straight without turning or reversing.

2. Easy maintenance

Due to the advanced single-chip microcomputer control design, the well-serviced Intelligent Parking Equipment can not only make the mechanical movement of the equipment easier, but also make it easier for ordinary electricians to maintain. Moreover, this advanced design can Adding butter once is enough, so that the overall equipment is not only advanced but also more economical and practical.

3. Safe and reliable

The advanced feature of the Intelligent Parking Equipment is not the use of complicated systems and operations, but more simple and practical structural designs. The advantage of this design is that it is convenient and practical, and it also allows lifting and moving. The failure rate of parking equipment is low. When the automatic function of the equipment fails, the user can still use the manual function to access the vehicle, and there is no need to worry about the situation that the vehicle cannot be taken out.

The above is the reason why we JinGuan shared with you about Intelligent Parking Equipment, which is popular, that it can save the builder's occupied area and construction cost, convenient access, simple maintenance, and both safety and reliability, and has high practicality. In addition, the intelligent management system adopted by the lifting and translating parking equipment also provides great convenience for customers' later management and is worth choosing.



Post time: Sep-15-2023