What Are The Advantages Of Lifting And Sliding Parking System

Pit Parking Puzzle Parking System Project

1. According to the most influential manufacturer of lifting and sliding parking system, this type of parking system is usually driven by motor and lifted with steel wire rope. Compared with peripheral system, it is more user-friendly. The impact on the surrounding environment is fully considered during design During operation, the noise is extremely low, and it will not cause bad effects on work and life, so it can be applied to various places, such as high-end residential parking lots.

2. This kind of stable lifting and sliding parking system is fully designed with safety in mind, so cars with higher value can also be safely parked. It has an anti-fall design, and it is a self-lubricating bearing, which greatly guarantees the safety of parking at the ground level. After a demonstration by the sales staff of the lifting and sliding parking system, it was learned that the device has manual unilateral unlocking and four-directional electronic unlocking, and a stop block is installed to reduce the risk of accidental rolling, abrasion and falling.

3. Moreover, this kind of lifting and sliding parking system is extremely durable. Anti-corrosive paint is used on the outside. It has the characteristics of chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and it is not easy for the paint surface to fall due to daily scraping. And its environmental protection is strong, lead-free design can be used in a variety of high-end places, can ensure the long-term appearance of the outside, beautiful and stylish atmosphere is also an important advantage of lifting and sliding parking system.

4. From a production point of view, it has a short production cycle and can be customized according to actual needs. Its installation is also simpler, no welding or cutting is required, and there are no harsh requirements for ground civil construction. It can be migrated according to actual conditions.

To sum up: the advantages of lifting and sliding parking system are quite large, its operability is strong, parking adaptability is strong, and its lifting capacity is strong, and it can even park two cars. Not only that, its stability is very strong, it is not easy to roll or tilt, and it is strong for personal safety. It is best for ordinary homes. All parking lots can also consider purchasing lifting and sliding parking system, which will improve the grade of the parking lot. , Increase parking rates and increase profits.


Post time: Jun-16-2023