The selection principles and technical requirements of intelligent parking equipment

With the continuous improvement of people's economic level, cars have become very common for us. Therefore, the parking equipment industry has also experienced great development, and intelligent parking equipment, with its high volume ratio, convenient use, high-speed safety, intelligent fully automatic and other characteristics, has an increasing proportion in the parking equipment industry.

Equipment selection principles

1.The principle of maximizing capacity is based on the reasonable location of the garage, convenient access to vehicles, and ensuring smooth operation of the garage. The type of parking equipment is determined to maximize the capacity of the garage.

2.The principle of environmental coordination should fully consider the safety and operational convenience of the garage, as well as its coordination with the surrounding environment and traffic flow.

3. The principle of reliability ensures the safe and reliable operation of the parking garage while meeting its functional requirements.

Basic technical requirements for equipment

1.The entrance and exit dimensions, parking space dimensions, personnel and equipment safety of parking equipment should comply with the national standard "General Safety Requirements for Mechanical Parking Equipment".

2.If conditions permit, it is necessary to fully consider the charging needs of new energy vehicles. When designing and planning, a proportion of no less than 10% (including flat parking spaces) should be allocated, while considering the combination of fast and slow charging.

3.The operation of parking equipment needs to be combined with intelligent systems, making the access and retrieval of vehicles intuitive and convenient. At the same time, fully considering unmanned situations, allowing car owners to operate independently.

4. For all underground parking equipment, moisture-proof and rust proof treatment should be considered for steel structures, access mechanisms, and other equipment. Electrical components should ensure that they can work normally in environments with humidity below 95%.

Post time: Apr-15-2024