The Lifting and Sliding Puzzle Parking Equipment Uses A Pallet To Lift or Slide Access the Vehicle

The lifting and sliding puzzle parking equipment uses a pallet to lift or slide access the vehicle, which is generally a quasi-unmanned mode, that is, a mode of moving a car after a person leaves the equipment. Lifting and sliding parking equipment can be built in the open air or underground.

Lifting and sliding parking equipment has the advantages of easy maintenance and low price.

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Lifting and Sliding Puzzle Parking Equipment

1.1 According to the layout of parking spaces:

1) All-ground layout: There are two, three, four, and five floors, generally no more than five, but there are also seven or more, and some have achieved 18, but the lifting speed should be increased relative to the lower floor to ensure Customer usage requirements.

2) Semi-underground layout: This layout can build more parking spaces than full-ground layout, with high space utilization, but large civil construction investment.

3) Rearrangement arrangement: (It is too wasteful to set up only one row, or two rows, but it can be arranged in this way when there are parking spaces that can park two or more rows of vehicles.) This arrangement can be made full use of the plane to reduce the lane footprint, but getting in and out of the car is more troublesome.

1.2 According to the lifting method:

1) Wire rope lifting type

2) Chain lifting type

3) Motor lifting type

1.3 According to equipment structure:

1) Four-column structure type: This type of parking equipment has good stability of steel structure frame, good strength and rigidity, and is especially suitable for multi-layer or rearranged lifting and lateral parking equipment.

2) Two-pillar structure type, also known as rear cantilever type: The biggest advantage of this type of parking equipment is that it has a wide field of vision and convenient access to the car. The disadvantages are the strict requirements for the stability of the equipment operation and the strength, rigidity and design of the structural frame. Mostly used for two-level lifting and sliding parking equipment.

Post time: May-04-2023