Reasons Why Lifting And Sliding Parking Puzzle System Is Popular

Lifting And Sliding Parking Puzzle System

Lifting and sliding parking puzzle system is very popular in the market. It is designed with multi-levels and multi-rows and each level is designed with a space as an exchanging space. All spaces can be lifted automatically except the spaces in the first level and all the spaces can slide automatically except the spaces in the top level. When a car needs to park or release, all spaces under this car space will slide to the empty space and forms a lifting channel under this space. In this case, the space will go up and down freely. When it reaches the ground, the car will go out and in easily.

What causes this phenomenon? Let’s take a brief look.

1. The appearance is coordinated with the building, and the management is convenient. The lifting and sliding parking puzzle system is most suitable for shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and tourist areas. Many devices basically require no special operators, and can be completed by a single driver.

2. Complete supporting facilities and “green” environmentally-friendly auto three-dimensional garages have complete safety systems, such as obstacle confirmation devices, emergency braking devices, sudden fall prevention devices, overload protection devices, leakage protection devices, vehicle length and height Detection device and so on. The access process can be done manually, or it can be equipped with computer equipment to complete it automatically, which also leaves a lot of space for future development and design.

3. Technical and economic indicators with high magnification. Large capacity for lifting and sliding parking puzzle system. Small footprint, can also park various types of vehicles, especially cars. But the investment is less than an underground parking garage of the same capacity, the construction period is short, the power consumption is low, and the floor area is far less than that of an underground garage.

Post time: Jun-21-2023