New Package To Save The Time And Labor Cost Of The Car Lift Parking System

All parts of our Car Lift Parking System are labeled with quality inspection labels.The big parts are packed on the steel or wood pallet and small parts are packed in wood box for sea shipment.We make sure all fastened during the shipment.

Four steps packing to make sure of safe transport.
1)Steel shelf to fix steel frame.
2)All structures fastened on the shelf.
3)All electric wires and motor are put into box seperately.
4)All shelves and boxes fastened in the shipping container.

If the customers want to save the installation time and cost there for the car lift parking system,the pallets could be pre-installed here,but asks for more shipping containers.Generally,16 pallets can be packed in one 40HC.If local labor costs are expensive, we will try our best to install all parts that can be pre-installed before shipment.

New Package To Save The Time And Labor Cost Of The Car Lift Parking System

We will promote the construction of intelligent transportation and enhance the parking convenience index for citizens. The intelligent transportation includes the intelligent dynamic transportation and the intelligent static transportation. The free flow project of urban parking etc has been widely used as the demonstration project of urban intelligent city. In order to promote the overall construction of intelligent transportation, it is necessary to establish the comprehensive management system of urban intelligent parking, improve the management and service capacity of static transportation, and effectively solve the “parking difficulty” which is widely concerned by the society ”To improve the convenience of parking and the happiness of urban life.

Integrate parking resources to provide decision support for government departments. Through the construction of urban intelligent parking integrated management system, it can effectively integrate the parking resources of public parking lot and auxiliary parking lot, provide high-quality, efficient and convenient public services to the society through a unified management platform, and provide basis for scientific decision-making of government departments through the integration of data resources.

Post time: Mar-07-2023