Jinguan’s Intelligent Parking System in Thailand

Jinguan has more than 200 employees, nearly 20000 square meters of workshops and large-scale series of machining equipment, with a modern development system and a complete set of testing instruments.With more than 15 years history, the projects of our company have been widely spread in 66 cities in China and more than 10 countries such as USA, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia and India. We have delivered 3000 car parking spaces for car parking projects, our products have been well received by customers.

In August 2023, the senior management of our Jinguan Company visited Thai customers with members of the Foreign Trade Department.

The parking equipment exported to Thailand has been highly praised by local customers for its stable, safe, and efficient operation after several years of high load operation.

Intelligent Parking System

Both parties have reached an agreement on future cooperation, promoting the layout of Jinguan in the Southeast Asian market and focusing on achieving professionalism.

Quality creates a brand with simple parking and a happy life, and Jinguan will continue to contribute to China's intelligent manufacturing.

Post time: Aug-29-2023