Introduction of Vertical circulation rotary parking system

Vertical circulation rotary parking system is a parking device that uses circular motion perpendicular to the ground to achieve vehicle access.
When storing the car, the driver drives the car into the accurate position of the garage pallet, stops it and applies the handbrake to get off the car. After closing the car door and leaving the garage, swipe the card or press the operation key, and the equipment will run accordingly. The other empty pallet will rotate to the bottom and stop, allowing for the next vehicle storage operation.
When picking up the car, swipe the card or press the number button of the selected parking space, and the device will run. The vehicle loading pallet will run to the bottom according to the set program, and the driver will enter the garage to drive out the car, thus completing the entire process of retrieving and retrieving the car.
During the operation of the system, the position of the vehicle loading pallet will be controlled by the PLC control system, which automatically adjusts the number of vehicles on both sides of the garage to ensure smooth operation of the garage. Access to vehicles will be safer, more convenient, and faster.
Flexible setting with low site requirements, can be installed in open spaces such as house walls and buildings.
Intelligent control, intelligent automation control, nearby pick-up, more convenient and efficient.
By utilizing two parking spaces on the ground, the land area can accommodate 8-16 vehicles, which is beneficial for rational planning and design.
The installation mode adopts independent or combined use mode, which can be used for single group independent use or multiple group row use.

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Post time: May-06-2024