How To Improve The Working Efficiency Of Custom Mechanised Car Parking

Custom Mechanised Car Parking

Nowadays, in China where people and cars are noisy, large-scale intelligent parking garages abound, and many of them use Custom Mechanised Car Parking to solve parking difficulties. In the large parking equipment, there is a large traffic volume and a large number of parking spaces. How can we improve the efficiency of the equipment?

1. Design as many parking spaces as possible. You can use a traversing garage design. Using the double-row mode can effectively increase parking spaces and greatly increase the utilization of the three-dimensional garage space. In a city with a lot of people and traffic, this is a good way to get a lot of cars in a small area.

2. Use as many friendly and user-friendly parking guidance signs as possible. In a large three-dimensional garage, we can use different colors to distinguish different parking areas in the garage, which is convenient for users to remember and quickly access the vehicle.

3. Design the parking space as large as possible to facilitate the user to park on the pallet in the garage. This kind of equipment often appears in lifting and sliding equipment. If the size of the equipment design is too small, it will be difficult for larger vehicles to be parked on the pallet of the lifting and sliding parking equipment, thereby increasing the difficulty for users to stop and reducing the parking efficiency.

4. Add multiple entrances and exits to the three-dimensional garage. Obviously, the more entrances and exits in the garage, the more convenient the circulation of vehicles in and out, thereby improving the efficiency of users to access the cars and reducing the waiting time for parking users.

5. Design a wider driving lane in the garage as much as possible, so that users can drive in the three-dimensional parking garage without traffic jams.

The above are the basic conditions that can improve the efficiency of our lifting and sliding puzzle parking equipment. To really improve the efficiency of a three-dimensional garage, you need to start from the planning and design a reasonable parking plan. No matter how many parking spaces there are, the scheme design is reasonable, and it can also improve the parking efficiency of the garage.

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Post time: Jul-31-2023