How To Avoid Noise Disturbing People

High-Quality Puzzle Lift Parking System

How to prevent noise of High-Quality Puzzle Lift Parking System from disturbing the people with the lifting and sliding parking equipment As more and more parking equipment enters the residential area, the noise of mechanical garages has gradually become one of the noise sources affecting the daily life of residents. According to the relevant national and industry standards, as long as the noise of the stereo garage is less than 75 decibels, he is qualified. But at night, as long as the noise exceeds 50 decibels, people’s lives will be affected. The noise problem has become an important factor that investors and builders of stereo garages need to face up to. Belle carefully analyzed the reasons for the noise of the three-dimensional garage, mainly from the design stage and production stage, as well as the installation stage, use and maintenance stage.

Design phase

At the important stage of the design of the parking system, it is mainly based on the designer’s experience, adding noise prevention facilities and using layout methods to reduce noise generation. At present, most designers and manufacturers are still at the stage of designing a garage in order to produce parking equipment. The surrounding environmental factors such as noise have not yet been considered for the residents’ daily life. In the design stage of the plan, if the fences and garage sheds are properly added, the noise generated in some areas can be reduced. At the same time, if the garage is designed in a closed building or underground, noise diffusion can be minimized. Therefore, the storage-type garage has a much smaller impact on people’s noise than the traditional garage because of its closed and independent structure.

Production and installation stage

The main responsibility at this stage is in the manufacturer, the main factors affecting the noise of the stereo garage equipment are reflected in the accuracy of the production process. Therefore, if the manufacturer wants to use CNC machine tools for production in the production process, it will greatly increase the manufacturing accuracy of parking equipment and reduce noise.

At the same time, the noise generated during the installation will also affect the daily life of residents. For example, some time ago, a garage was unloaded and installed at night, complained by nearby residents and forced to stop work. Therefore, manufacturers should try to avoid the installation period at night and minimize the impact of noise on the lives of surrounding residents.

During use and maintenance

The noise of the stereo garage is mainly generated during the use and maintenance stages. In the use phase, as a using unit, the use of the garage and maintenance training should be done well, so that operators and maintenance personnel can grasp the key factors to reduce the noise of the garage. For example: good lubrication can reduce the harsh noise generated by the garage during operation.In the process of use, properly increasing the sound insulation facilities can reduce the factors that disturb the people.

In summary, in all stages of the construction and use of lifting and sliding parking equipment, we must pay attention to reducing the factors that disturb the people, which is of great benefit to protecting the environment and building a harmonious and loving social environment.

Post time: Jul-21-2023