How does the smart parking equipment company work hard to change the difficulty of parking

In response to urban parking problems, traditional parking management technology has far from solving the problem of urban parking problems at this stage. Some three -dimensional parking companies have also studied new parking equipment, such as to record parking information such as geomagnetic and video piles. However, these three -dimensional parking companies are restricted by the actual application scenarios. These parking equipment may have blind spots monitoring, or difficulty in on -site evidence collection, or greater damage to the road, often cannot achieve satisfactory parking effects and convenient equipment. Install. To this end, urban management is urgent to solve problems such as urban traffic congestion and difficulty parking through high -tech means of stereo parking companies.


Generally speaking, the front -end equipment of the smart parking management platform of the three -dimensional parking company uses advanced embedded image recognition technology "smart video parking piles" to achieve "sensory payment" and "cloud settlement". Public parking lots connected to the smart platform, all owners do not charge on -site, drivers stop and drive, which is more than 6 times more efficient than the manual charging.


For the citizens, the pain points for difficulty in parking are not lighter than traffic jams, which also means that the opportunities for smart parking are not less than rail transit. The three -dimensional parking company uses its own parking equipment technology innovation service advantages and social resources integration capabilities. In response to the actual conditions of the specific parking lot, it proposes a business optimization solution and diagnosed the transformation treatment to create a valuable parking service platform. With the gradual popularization of three -dimensional garage, the price of three -dimensional garage prices is not a new topic. Regarding the price of many small -scale stereo garage companies in this industry, fierce price competition has begun.


The three -dimensional garage is a special equipment. Although there are national standards and industry standards, there are still stereo garage companies on the edge of the rules. The price has changed greatly, the quality is different, and the difference is relatively large. When many customers have demand, they do n’t know much about the opposing body garage. In the face of so many stereo garage companies, they often do n’t know how to choose without professional guidance. According to most people's hearts, in the same case, you will choose a three -dimensional garage company with low price, which is understandable.


But often many customers also ignore a little bit, where is the price low? Poor technical power, no experience in the design of the scheme, not reasonable enough, poor after -sales service, products often need maintenance, etc., often follow this low price.

The true significance of the three -dimensional parking garage is to solve the difficulty of parking, convenient for users to quickly access vehicles, and ensure the safety of customer vehicle. The low -cost three -dimensional parking garage cannot solve the parking problem. Most of the low -cost three -dimensional parking garage has become a dead library. Essence We also often see that the three -dimensional parking garage accident is exposed in the media. A stereo -garage company that cannot be guaranteed to the security of users can have any integrity, strength, and professionalism.


Each stereo garage company must have social responsibility to ensure the security of user property, but this is only the most basic. How to improve product quality and increase the good use experience of users is a responsible three -dimensional garage company. Selling products and making products. But why do many customers often stare at the price of a three -dimensional parking garage without letting go?


Therefore, when choosing a three -dimensional garage company, customers should inspect more on the ground and go to the project engineering of the three -dimensional garage company to understand the use of the three -dimensional parking garage. Good quality brings good reputation, adheres to its own bottom line, ensures product quality, will not reduce product quality due to the factors of the three -dimensional parking garage, refuses to compete at low prices, and does not blindly meet the requirements of the owner. , Jointly promote the healthy development of the parking equipment industry.


Mechanical parking equipment shows different stages of development in various countries. my country's mechanical stereo garage companies are still dominated by SMEs, and there are not many large enterprises. At present, the policies of the three -dimensional parking industry in all parts of my country are also continuously improved, and the demand for parking spaces for parking spaces is also increasing.


Establish a three -dimensional parking information sharing platform to realize the smart operation of three -dimensional parking. Users can find three -dimensional parking spaces, make reservation three -dimensional parking spaces, position navigation, and online payment through the three -dimensional garage platform to achieve smart travel and smart parking. Involved the construction of three -dimensional parking space through the three -dimensional parking platform crowdfunding model, and rationalized the distribution of three -dimensional parking space resources while creating a national participation autonomy model. Docking smart transportation and smart cities.


Docking diversified transportation modules. In the future, smart transportation must be composed of "new energy, driverless, and sharing economy". Through shared cars, it will provide township residents to provide travel mode entering the urban area; solve the last mile of urban areas through shared bicycles; through smart parking-stereo garage Solve the problem of static traffic in urban areas. The combination of the three realizes the urban and rural economic circle with a radius of 30 kilometers in one hour, truly implement the idea of "urban integration", create a diversified, intelligent, green environmental protection, shared three -dimensional transportation, and truly opens a new era of static traffic in county domains.


Parking is a people's livelihood project, which solves the double collection of parking difficulties. To solve the difficulty of parking, from the perspective of urban management, smooth transportation, enhance the urban environment, and promote social benefits such as employment and industrial transformation. From the perspective of urban operations, realize the industrialization value of three -dimensional garage, increase tax sources, increase car consumption, improve automotive after -automotive services, promote economic benefits such as commercial operations and development, and double -collection of fame and fortune.

Post time: May-24-2024