Environmental Conditions For The Use Of Vertical Lifting Mechanical Parking Equipment

Vertical lifting mechanical parking equipment

Vertical lifting mechanical parking equipment is lifted by a lifting system and laterally moved by a carrier to park the car on the parking equipment on both sides of the shaft. It consists of a metal structure frame, a lifting system, a carrier, a slewing device, access equipment, a control system, a safety and detection system. It is usually installed outdoors, but it can also be built with the main building. Can be built into a high-level independent parking garage (or elevator parking garage). Due to its structural characteristics, some provincial and municipal land management departments have listed it as a permanent building. Its main structure can adopt metal structure or concrete structure. Small area (≤50m), many floors (20-25 floors), high capacity (40-50 vehicles), so it has the highest space utilization rate in all types of garages (on average, each vehicle covers only 1 ~ 1.2m). Suitable for the transformation of the old city and the bustling urban center. The environmental conditions for the use of vertical lifting mechanical parking equipment are as follows:

1. The relative humidity of the air is the wettest month. The average monthly relative humidity is not more than 95%.

2. Ambient temperature: -5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃.

3. Below 2000m above sea level, the corresponding atmospheric pressure is 86 ~ 110kPa.

4. The use environment has no explosive medium, does not contain corrosive metal, destroy the insulation medium and conductive medium.

The vertical lifting mechanical parking equipment is a parking device that realizes multi-layer storage of a vehicle by moving a car-carrying plate up and down and horizontally. It mainly consists of three parts: lifting system, including lifts and corresponding detection systems, to achieve vehicle access and connection at different levels; horizontal circulation system, including frames, car plates, chains, horizontal transmission systems, etc., to achieve different levels of The vehicle moves on a horizontal plane; the electrical control system, including the control cabinet, external functions and control software, realizes automatic access to the vehicle, safety detection and fault self-diagnosis.

Post time: Jun-30-2023